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How to get a fabulous garden to match your new home

the ' garden' used as a builders yard

the ‘ garden’ used as a builders yard

Are you about to start an exiting Grand Design of your own – whether it is an extension or remodelling of your existing home or you are building your house from scratch – you may leave the garden until the build is nearing completion or indeed the builders have finished and you are left looking at the what was used as a builders yard and now left with a sea of churned up mud any grass or plants long having disappeared under a pile of bricks or rubble before your thoughts turn to the view you will have through your lovely new bi-fold doors, when opening blurring the boundary between inside and what…….

…….and oh no, There is no more money in the pot for the garden.  The choice then is to simply live with what you have until funds can be found for the garden or end up with a garden that does not reflect the beautiful house and doesn’t work as you wanted to.


Call in a Garden Designer from the beginning once outline plans for your house or extension have been drawn up – talk through what you would like from the garden, in the same way you talk about the house with your architect.

A good Garden Designer can work from the architects drawings to create a design for the garden, so linking it successfully to your home.

This ensures that your grand design includes your garden, giving you that haven to escape from the world or space to take the party outside or indeed both.

The cost of building the garden can then be included in the building budget and money does not have to be ‘found’ afterwards – so lessen the need for compromise and having to settle.

The levels are sorted out whilst diggers are on site.

The levels are sorted out whilst diggers are on site.

It can also save money – for example where new levels need to be created, this can be done while the earth moving equipment is on site.  

Access is usually easier during building especially if there is no access to your back garden – do you really want landscapers traipsing through your new decorated and finished home with all their equipment, carrying earth and plants through – this not only takes them longer as materials have to be hand carried through the house and they also have to be careful not to cause any damage – again this could result in a rise in the cost of building your garden.

By following this simple advice you are more likely to end up with a garden you love rather than one that is  ok.  

That matches your house, be it one you have built from scratch or the house you have remodelled or extended and fits in with your lifestyle.

Work in progress

Work in progress

Lush planting compliments the hard landscaping

Lush planting compliments the hard landscaping

The stunning end result

The stunning end result








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