TM Garden Design

Prairie Planting

A Planting Design project. The client looked out onto an uninspiring, rough grassed, steep slope. They wanted  to look out at a sea of colour for as much of the year as possible and have a sense of the changing seasons.

As the slope was extremely steep, it did not make for easy maintenance. The solution  was to create a matrix of prairie style planting which, once established can largely look after its self.  

The range of plants was chosen to give interest and colour all year round.  In Spring the fresh growth of grasses and herbaceous is punctuated by clumps of colourful Tulips and other bulbs.  As they finish  colour is provided by a range of flowering herbaceous plants which mingle with the ornamental grasses.  This display lasts until well into autumn and not only looks lovely but also provides nectar for pollinating insects.   In the colder months of winter, the skeletons and seed heads of the spent herbaceous flowers and grasses, along with evergreens create interest colour and movement.

The set of steps running through the centre of the planting leads to the trees at the back of the garden and gives the impression that the garden carries on beyond.